Testimonials for Theater Leader

"As a first time Artistic Director, Mark Cuddy's mentorship was necessary and nourishing!  My particular challenge was taking over a theatre company for which I worked as a Company Member for almost 20 years.  Leading a staff and artists who were once peers posed unexpected challenges and Mark was there every step of the way.  His experience, demeanor and wisdom make the Theater Leader program a necessity for anyone in arts management, especially first timers."

Kevin Dean
Artistic Director
A.D. Players at The George Theater

Houston, Texas

"It is very difficult for small to mid sized nonprofit arts organizations to find affordable, knowledgeable and impactful consultants. Mark Cuddy is exactly that. His wealth of experience, knowledge and obvious passion for what he does make him a pleasure to work with. Simply put, Mark knows his stuff and any arts leader would benefit from time with him."

Jake Speck
Executive Director
A.D. Players at The George Theater

Houston, Texas

Michael Barakiva and Mary Beth Bunge
Artistic Director and Managing Director
Hangar Theatre

Ithaca, New York

“Mark Cuddy’s work with the Hangar Theatre Board came at a time of transition for the organization.   His knowledge of professional non-profit theatre management and governance were just what we needed to inspire the Board to focus on the work at hand, to move through transition into the next phase of leadership.  His generosity of spirit and time made it a pleasure to work with him, even on the thornier issues.  Participants came away with new questions and clear answers to improve Board service for the greater effectiveness of the Hangar.”

Sean Daniels
Artistic Director
Arizona Theatre Company

Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona

"As someone who recently took over a LORT theatre, I have consistently relied on Mark's quick analysis and frank suggestions. There is no preparation for running an organization - except doing it yourself and surrounding yourself with people who have been there before. My theatre has grown and prospered because Mark Cuddy is one of the people I surrounded myself with.”

Angela Lee Gieras
Executive Director
Kansas City Repertory Theatre

Kansas City, Missouri

“Theatre leaders would benefit from executive coaching where you have an experienced third party expert who offers advice, goal setting, or help adjusting your leadership approach to attain better results. Mark Cuddy’s expertise, generosity of spirit and track record of success will provide a valuable partner in leadership development.”

“Leading a theatre is hard work and, very often, isolating work. Over the years, I’ve found the best way to tackle tough issues is to seek help from my peers who have faced similar challenges to mine. No one is working alone in this field although it sometimes feels like you are. I can’t think of a better solution than Theatre Leader to help us all or a better person to facilitate it than my friend, Mark Cuddy.”


Kevin E. Moore
Managing Director
Actors Theatre of Louisville

Louisville, Kentucky

Former Managing Director
Theatre Communications Group


Timothy J. Shields
Managing Director
The Old Globe

San Diego, California

“In this uncertain moment, more than ever theater leaders could benefit from having a thought partner to help them steer a path to the best solutions. Theater Leader promises just that - a chance to have a considered and deeply knowledgeable conversation that will lead to optimized outcomes. I've watched Geva become a hidden jewel of the American Theatre - one that serves its community exquisitely well. And that's due to Mark's canny, dynamic leadership of his theatre. He's a nurturer of artists and art (at the highest level) and possesses a keen, savvy management instinct.”

"Perspective is everything…and Mark brings plenty!  His breadth of experience and down-to-earth approach make him the perfect resource for board leaders and executives alike."

Carol Love
Nonprofit Leadership Consultant
Chair Emerita, Board of Trustees
Geva Theatre Center

Rochester, NY

“What a great idea! Mentoring and educating theater management. And Mark Cuddy is perfect for this service. Like Prospero, he has managed to conjure up the spirits of success for theaters from Boise to Boston. Theater companies across the country should recognize and take advantage of his knowledge and experience. It will only make them better at what they do.”

Doug Copsey
Founding Artistic Director and Chair of the Board of Trustees Emeritus
Idaho Shakespeare Festival

Boise, Idaho

"Mark Cuddy has been a great resource to me in my role as Artistic Director over the years, He combines extensive knowledge and intelligence with a thoughtful, helpful nature to provide common sense, generous support for not-for-profit leadership. Smaller organizations like Capital Rep have limited resources and are often located in communities that lack expertise, especially in the arts. There's a great need for the kind of experienced, affordable know-how that Mark offers to foster growth and change."

Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill
Producing Artistic Director
Capital Repertory Theatre

Albany, New York

“In a time where there seems to be more questions than answers about where the art form of theatre is headed and what the audiences of today demand of us, resources such as Theater Leader are extremely important to gain necessary perspective, insight and context to be successful. In my 23 years of knowing and working with Mark I know he has the temperament and experience to help leaders distill and see more clearly the issues at hand so that thoughtful solutions and strategies can emerge.”

Charles Varin
Managing Director
Denver Center for the Performing Arts Theatre Company

Denver, Colorado

"Mark Cuddy has decades of experience in leading and co-leading theatre companies around the country. As an institutional leader, particularly in a smaller community, there are not many people one can turn to locally for advice. When I partnered with him at Geva Theatre Center, I always knew Mark was there for me to discuss ideas, share insight, offer wisdom, and provide perspective. He was an incredible resource and leadership partner."

Tom Parrish
Executive Director
Trinity Repertory Company

Providence, Rhode Island

"Due to Mark’s broad experiences as CEO, artistic director, actor, writer, and trustee, he’s able to advise on a wide variety of topics at both the macro and micro levels. Theater Leader is like a CEO’s wise and trusted friend!"

Erica Fee
Producer and President
Rochester Fringe Festival

Rochester, NY